Rules (more descriptive)

1- Keep this wikia kid-friendly.

  • We do this because of our own reasons and we want everyone to be able to contribute! 
  • No content (in any shape or form) that are over gorey/contains sexual things. 
  • No cursing (when it comes to lyrics pages, it is exceptional but it should never be stated outside the page) 
  • Use common sense. You know what G means in movies! 
  • No self-harm/suicide talk. 
  • We also do this because we allow everyone- underaged, any sexuality, etc. 
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2- RESPECT each-other's opinions. 

  • This includes people who criticize/support diversity (for example, gays/bisexuals). We can not make extra rules for certain people. If you do judge them, you should not show criticism towards them in this community. If you support them, don't give people who don't hatred in this community. Keep it to yourself please! 
  • If you have theories, ideas, fanfics, etc., they should be viewed for entertainment- not for insulting. Small criticism are exceptional, but nothing farther should be displayed. Do not make the potato sad! 
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3- Be kind

  • We want to make sure to keep the community happy and safe! Don't be afraid to report anyone if you need to! 
  • Being kind also means that you should NOT art/literature theft/destroy/repost/edit one's own content without full permission. 
  • Use common sense. You know what I mean by kind! 

4- No spamming!

  • Lags could be caused to others due to the spamming in chatrooms. 
  • The wikia doesn't like to be filled with overloading spam!
  • Others might not enjoy the view of their message wall/blog comment section/etc. being filled with spam. 
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5- Have fun

  • Wikias are meant for sharing fandoms and having fun! :D 

We all have our bad days, so this rule is exceptional! 

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Be Happy!