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• 11/28/2016


You: Hello! I want to contribute to this wikia!

Me: Great! Let's start with creating cover pages! 


Title: name of cover. Header: can be found in edit>templates>header. About: state when the cover was uploaded and how many views it earned. (should be updated often) Blurb: Copy and paste what Juby said in the description (except for the credits).


Credits: start off with the line: "Juby says in the description", then list the credits. Trivia: add intriguing facts in there! Mp3 Link: add the mp3 link for the covers! (Should be found in description, but most (old ones) are outdated) Video: start off with, "Or just listen to it here!" and add the video.

-------- So now that you know those nerdy stu--

You: Hold on! What about the template? 

Me: Check this out!

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• 11/30/2016

Now I know how to properly format stuff, lol. 

I need to get back on editing on both wikias ;;

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