Concrete beating up and down In a dream, fell awake, hazy days were never ending

Templates follow all around Same old days, but we just didn't know

High tempo and rhythm flies Not enough, try again, when'll tragedy end?

Wouldn't say that we're done just yet So don't cry to the floor anymore

C'mon, batten down your eyes Don't know where to turn?  Without you, there's nowhere to go

And I dream too big to live a lie so why Should I move forward?

C'mon, throw up both your hands Zeros all around We didn't solve a thing but gather again

Ready to go... Hey, are you still there...caught in the haze?

Let's "play" I'm screaming 'til you hear me say Let's "save" I'm fighting every single day

Grab a hand so warm you said to take I can't forget it anyway

Let's "daze" My heart's a beat that never fades Let's "change" You'll never cry alone the same

All the "lonely days" that you dyed from gray Because it's you, I just know we'll pull through and draw it again