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Bad Apple!! was uploaded on Aug 28, 2016.

The video has reached over 498,771 views.

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Juby says in the description,

A bad apple spoils the bunch.

So I asked my supporters on Patreon what songs they'd like me to sing and turns out lots of you wanted me to do this one!

Although this isn't Vocaloid or anime, I think its understood that this song from the Touhou series is especially classic. I mean, I probably heard it back in 2008 or something? I didn't even own a mic back then, but I still sang it like everyone else lol. Of course awhile after that I found Christina Vee's english cover and thinking back now, that was probably the first song dub I'd ever heard on YouTube! Because of how great those lyrics were, I wanted to borrow them this time.

So in respect and honor for that dub and those lyrics, here's my best go at it! Thank you very much!

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In her description she also lists the credits.


✦ Original:

✦ Music: Masayoshi Minoshima

✦ Silhouette PV: あにら


✦ Vocals/Mix/Subs: Juby

✦ Lyrics: Pat McCarthy

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  • People have speculated that the song is about a rotten person (Or a bad apple) that wants to change her actions and become a better person.
  • Juby sang this before she even owned a mic.

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Bad Apple!! (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】

Bad Apple!! (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】

Or just listen to it here!