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On my way to steal ur girl.

Welp, y'all have my patreons to thank for this cover! I did a poll on what song I should do next by gathering some of my favorites and Ai no Scenario won by a long shot. I mean, this surprised me big time because I LOVE Magic Kaito! I've been watching Detective Conan so long that I used to cry when the VCR didn't tape it. Hard times to be a weeb. So when the updated Magic Kaito series came out and Honeyworks did the 2nd OP, I was painfully excited- hitting myself n stuff.

Really this is just a great song and I honestly couldn't choose which to be faithful to more: the anime or the PV. I know I spent too much time worrying over these lyrics, but all the translations were so absurdly different that I essentially had to walk my own path with this one. In other words, a lot of rearranging and reimagining went into this cover, please have fun listening!

MANY THANKS to the Unholy Quartet for helping with the voice acting during the prelude. I really just wanted to hear Anthong say "styupid biyatch" at first but they all truly blew me away!

Girl: Bad Guy: /user/penguin070594 Good Guy:


✦ Music and Lyrics: HoneyWorks ✦ Illust and Movie: Yamako ✦ Watch: sm25460600 ✦ Guitar: Oji ✦ Bass: shito ✦ Piano: cake ✦ Drum: Astuyuk!


✦ Vocals: Me ✦ Voice Acting: (Unholy Quartet) Anthong, Rachie, Chishio ✦ Mix: Me ✦ Lyrics: Me ✦ Subs: Me ✦ Translation Ref: FFF fansubs & lyricalredefinement

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Saving a light abandoned, tearing away from lies and doubt You’ll find the truth still holding tight, in the hand of the night

Dusk air feeding into shadow play, dancing bold and glides away Waiting and debating, will I ever see the secret you’ve been holding back? Climbing the walls you make and calling your name, but you keep them all away Hiding all the ways you wanna yell and scream, why couldn’t you just lean on me?

Winding up and down, a heart I'll never know Stealing your gazing eyes, pass the lies, and see the real me Brave but lying, scared and crying When did I ever lose track? ‘Cause the one thing I believed in left me long ago

So say the world’s getting tricked by shadows, say that I'm only full of lies Hear when I say "just take my hand", trust me you can You'll never see me running, no, nothing scares me anymore Don't look away, you’ll be alright, leave your worries behind

Echoing a story or fated to be, see this is our destiny? Wait a little longer and I’ll let you see the secret I’ve been holding back Growing even darker with every day, can’t you see what’s on the way? All your rosey memories are red and sweet, but prick you til you start to bleed

Wanting to protect you from the world I know Taking a stand again, let it end, and break this destiny Fight til I’m blue, I’m beside you Know that I’ll never give up ‘Cause the one thing I believed in left without a trace

So say the world’s being turned against you, say that there’s no one on your side Hear when I say “you’re not alone”, grab tomorrow You’ll never see me running, no, nothing shakes me anymore Scenarios stuck on rewind, I’ll be ready to fight

(VA) Bad Guy: “I bet if I told her that I loved her, she’d be all serious like ‘me too!’" Bad Guy: “Stupid bitch.” Good Guy: “You tricked her! I don’t wanna see you anywhere near her, you got me?!” Bad Guy: “Hey she was the one that was dumb enough to believe me!” Good Guy: “Tch..” Girl: “How could I be so stupid?"

Say that they’re all against you, say that there’s no one on your side Hear when I say "just take my hand", trust me you can You’ll always be my side, now that I know what’s true, I’ll fight Through every scene and every life, with these hands of the night

Say that we know the answer, say that we’ve heard it all our lives You'll never see me running, no, nothing scares me anymore I’ll be ready to fight

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