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Life is just too messy.

Have you ever overthought something? Like to the point of "Aah this is all too confusing!" Just to end up thinking about it some more? It's terrible. And funny. But mostly terrible. So these lyrics are my reasoning and interpretation of "Keppekishou" (I over simplified some of the lines, so I highly recommend looking at other translations to really understand the song!)

PS. New Kagepro song, Lost Time Memory? YES. IMMA TEAR INTO THAT MOTHA-

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We don't need these unclean Feelings are nothing Anymore, they'll just bore a hole in me Thinking we need to be So happy, never gonna last All you ask ends up in the trash

"All people are different" you say bluntly Look at "Needing" and "Wanting" same seven letters But what if you're wrong and change it up to be "We're human" Whatever works to shut my mouth

Then why not write a book? Words and letters To define it, definite answers to questions How to live dealing with lots of things Like when a boy and a girl want "pure relations"

All of the people crying from all the loneliness in their hearts All of the people lying that they will understand every part All of the people truly think that love is a thing we take No one sees that we haven't seen at all

No one can save the human race Yeah we were late to see it's really not a race Go with the flow and just give in You know we think the same 'cuz changing is a pain

Messy things like emotions creep Into the wall we call a heart made out of stone Looking out for a scene like war So unclean, dirty, just keep away from me

Your sad little stories have been getting Kinda tired, why do you just keep on talking? They're poking and joking and when they're tired No more happy or laughing, wait what just happened?

We're worried and judging books by covers Getting ready, enemy strikes will be coming No brainer, the danger is in your head Just tararari tarari tū papparapa

All of the people dying from all the greediness in their hearts All of the people buying just to throw away every part All of the people break and buy new love that'll never last "Can't you see I need you or I'm alone"

Who can say, it ain't that way Yeah we all know egos are taking up the space I don't know, it may be true Don't wanna see the clean me dyed in dirty paint

Cool my brain and turn away Don't wanna look to see the mean hypocrisy Why not cry until I'm fine? Don't wanna touch you please, just keep away from me

Pouring like a dream is the night overhead Glowing ever hoping is morning again Facing up ahead like you really don't dread "No wait. Stop pushing yourself to the edge."

No one ever will treat me that way Crying even dying a little each day Thinking over again and again Yeah I think I need it to all be clean No I'm sure, can't take seeing anymore

No one can save the human race Yeah we were late to see it's really not a race Drown in the flow of big ego No way to take a breather if you cannot swim

Everyone knows, since long ago We've been a selfish race with nothing more to show Shutting my mouth, I'll quit for now I don't know, ya know? This is bye bye

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