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Sung just for the heck of it, so I might take it down later. Dunno LOL ヘ(°◇、°)ノ But c'mon, it's just such a good song!

Original by Sony:

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They always laugh at you but you never try to fight back And although you tried your best you could never guess It would all be swept away by the rain And when that new umbrella was torn away in the wind I knew by a print or two that umbrella had Gone to something like a stray trapped in the rain

It's just another day when they hate you being alive With no reason to be kept at a distance from them when every time you tried your hardest "What did I do to make them all want to leave me behind?" And when you don't understand you end up Wanting to be alone

Why not add up all the words you were just trying to scream out Put 'em to a bunch of notes and let me sing them "How could such a bunch of noise be fit for human ears?" But you wouldn't give up Surely getting better everyday that goes by In an instant you can make me sing for just you and I So keep your words And let me sing for them world to hear

Create a song and let me sing And all those times you wanted cry and scream they always passed you by And make a stand believe in me I'll never let them hurt you again for saying what you feel

And then you hear the voices of that "Odds and Ends " sound Ringing out a message they can never keep down Let me hear it loud, the power of your voice

And now they praise you for being yourself so don't give in To many who tried their best, you could never guess They would look to you for where to go next But then one day, you changed into something that you're not And since they don't understand, you end up wanting to be alone

Why not give up all the phrases you were trying to make up We don't need another lie to put to music How could such a bunch of noise be fit for human ears? And I know that you hate me But a whispering is starting without a sound "What a fake. This guy is never gonna stand his own ground" And you would cry, but why insist on crying all alone?

Hey can you hear? I'm calling you And all those times you wanted to run and hide I'll take them far away And know for now, you're not alone A heart so big it crumbles slowly with every passing day

And then you hear the voices of that "Odds and Ends " sound Ringing out a message they all try to keep down Let me hear it loud, the power of your voice

All the words have gone and in a second there's nothing Left to say, there is no way to keep this going "Where am I? Is this a dream? It's fading out now" To meet again would now be an impossible dream and yet If we were ever to see the end I'd never want us to let this go And even now I know it's just a dream

And after all the songs were played and done, Odds&Ends would keep a smile No matter what, and in your gut Somehow knew this was the end You cry and shout the words held so tight And had wished with all your might "It's all a lie, you just cant die!" But a hush came down on them

"Yeah I know, I'm all alone Why do I never have the strength to save my only friend? You always had believed in me And every tear I'm crying out now, I cry them all for you"

Create a song and change the world And now this time, I hope that you try and see The beauty in this life Ah the loneliness and happiness I know they'll never hurt you again as everything is one

And then you hear the voices of that "Odds and Ends " sound Ringing out my message that will change your life now Let me hear it now, the power of your voice and I will never leave you again

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