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This song. My god it made me cry the first time. I just needed to do a cover. So enjoy another prematurely exported cover by the oh so impatient me! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

✪✪✪✪ ANYONE CAN USE MY LYRICS! Just credit me if you can!

    • I own nothing except my voice and my english translation!

All rights to this video go to Wannyapuu!

[ I believe the video is an exclusive to the album ] Alt. Title: Transparent Answer Original : Song: Jin (Shizen no teki p) Video: Wannyapuu

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Running by all those arid days Where each day is the same Sitting alone just one desk too far away from sunlight "Well, what are you waiting for?" As if it's quizzing me Batting an eye lash at that textbook with no answers Aah

If you wanted to know my grades I guess I'd say "The same." I don't know why they make these tests so very easy While you smiled at me timidly You sat right next to me Keeping a grin all while you held closely such a bad grade

Out beyond the sky, I just can't help but sigh Maybe it's because I see the world for all it is "Isn't that too sad? The world is much more fun! " Back then, you always seemed so glad

I just can't take you Playing with a heart that only wants to disappear Once again, I can't find a thing that makes me want to remain here Ringing in a tone that only whispers " You're a cruel and callous fool" And even then...I know it's kinda true So even if a miracle occurred and somehow answered all of this Surley in ten or twenty seconds I could figure just a bit Even if I die right now I know that I will soon just be replaced And then again, saying crazy things like that, isn't it just silly?

Flying by those airy days Where each day is the same When you were gone that space started making me uneasy Well 'nuff said anyway, my test scores stay the same Even alone I know all the answers to the problems Aah

As I ran through those hazy days There must have been a change I couldn't see your tree in the forest of the problems That shade of your flowing hair That smile, without a care It's likely that most of them will forget it in a heartbeat

That empty desk I'm by, and out the pane of sky What is it that I am waiting to be echoed back? Even though I tried, your words would pass me by In the end, I didn't solve a thing at all

By getting just a little closer to you, I think I could find it out Just so these days would never ever have to end without a doubt Ringing in a tone that slowly died and will never restart again And all at once, I know everything is gone

She couldn't take it Living with a heart that only wants to disappear Keeping her feelings hid behind a smile that stretched from ear to ear Even when the smile had folded up and died from soaring from the window Even then, I don't think that I'll forget, such a pretty smile

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