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Follow your dreams.

I love this song so much that I watched an AKB documentary. Yeah. I did that. And I might watch another. What IT’S GOOD OKAY.

So as most of you know, this is the sequel to Sarishinohara and is inspired by an AKB48 member's relationship with a man. Which is totally against their rules and ends in possible expulsion plus a public apology for basically having a vag- ah nothing. Anyway, it’s a romanticized version of the story it’s based on but it really does bring up some interesting questions regarding love, fulfillment, dreams, and measuring sacrifices. It all makes for good drama in the end (mmm) so, if you’re interested, here’s the manga adaption~

PS. I first did this as a guitar cover which I actually like more so, who knows? Might post it sometime in an…acoustic…compilation...thingy? It’s on soundcloud for now.

CREDITS: Original Video: music&words: MikitoP(mylist/19099704)Twitter @mikito_p_ illust&movie: CHRIS (mylist/15037766)@jp_chris

      • I own nothing except my vocals and English lyrics!

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Called to me far away, a girl much younger than the “me” of today Dream it almost every night, and when I wake, still can’t get away

Sure, I know it’s always said that every tear will help me face what’s ahead But I think that’s all a lie and it’ll tear you up instead

(Save me…)

Walking through the park at night, a dollar-twenty for a moment alone Nervous and a little scared, it’s just a habit I started, ya know

Makeup is all rubbed and gone, the real me is left in her place Sure I wanted this disguise but is no one searching for this face?

If you ever find forgiveness for a girl like me Could I see your face just one last time? I beg you, please! If I shine the brightest and become their northern star Would yo u finally see me here or is it too hard?

Grin and bear, almost there, I’ll smile even if it’s starting to wear With this dream, I’ll never let you down or lie to you, I swear Can I dream, can I think that if you were to be by my side Closing my mouth, you would scold me one more time Please, tell me what is right

Through the motions every day, I know it’s work, no time here to daze Will this ever be much fun? Is this the role that I’m suited to play?

Heavy from the wings they placed, My back is aching from the burden it weighs It’s nothing like my wings from then, I’m draped in irony today

Soon the night encroaches eating everything I can see Holding on, I pray to meet you even in my dreams Shivering and shaking like a kid left in the dark Could I maybe run to you and hide in your arms?

Sing it out, scream it loud, just let me shout through the pain and the doubt For my dreams, I’ll give my all again, don’t let me fail now Can I dream, can I think that if you were to be by my side Closing my mouth, you would hold me near and sigh

Then in the crowd was the root of it all That dream repeated back, now rewound and paused How could this-? I mean, are we meeting for real? With this face, how should I look or feel? Ripping through to grab my hand, shook just a bit and feelings ran This can’t really be the end, I won’t believe it, don’t leave me like this, ah

Like I said…every time…my heart is breaking into pieces again Tearing me up, breaking me down, all these feelings, I don’t want them Yeah, now I know we can never turn our clock back around Though I know it…I’ll…!

Grin and bear, almost there, I’ll smile even if it’s hurting to wear With our dream, I couldn’t let you down or lie to you, I swear Can I dream, can I think while I’m just so in love with you That our paths, no, no matter what we choose Won’t divide us and leave me leaving you

(It’s okay…)

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