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Description Edit

Juby says in the description,

Dedicated to you.

Man, I swear I'm just under Mafumafu's spell. Like he does a cover, I fall in love with it, I propose to it, then I have to do my own cover. It's actually not such a bad way to live if you think about it.

But back to the song! Yes. "Ikanaide" means "Don't go" and I added a "-yet" to the end. Burn me at the stake if you must but, hey, sounds better and gets the composition's feelings across. So chill, I'm great. I love this song, it's emotions, the simplicity of the lyrics yet depth of that kokoro mm mmm so I did the lyrics the way I thought matched best.

It's a song I did for me and my other half.

Credits Edit

In her description she also lists the credits.


✦ Unofficial PV: sm22408424 ✦ Music and Lyrics: Souta (mylist/33631801) ✦ Watch: sm22001720


✦ Vocals: Me ✦ Mix: Me ✦ Lyrics: Me ✦ Subs: Me ✦ Translation Ref: BerrySubs

Trivia Edit

  • This song is about a boy yearning for his dear sister that left.
  • It is revealed that Juby enjoyed this song due to how emotional it was.

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Ikanaide (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】いかないで

Ikanaide (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】いかないで