~Welcome to the JubyPhonic Wikia!~Edit

Welcome! This wikia is for people who love JubyPhonic's song covers! She does an amazing job at singing, and many appreciate her hard work. She is a YouTube artist, voice actress, vocalist, and singer. If you are part of the fandom, feel free to join!

~Rules~ Edit

1.) Keep this wikia kid-friendly.

2.) Respect each others' opinions.

3.) Be Kind.

4.) No spamming!

5.) Have fun!

6.) Check this thread out before doing any editing!

That's it! Follow these rules and cause no issues and we won't have any problems! :3

More information can be found here.

~About the Wiki~Edit

This wiki allows everyone, even underaged! But, in return, you must keep this wiki kid-friendly!

The JubyPhonic wiki was created by both- AphmauLOVEfan and SnazzySenpai! (Created by AphmauLOVEfan, but inspired by SnazzySenpai) <------ <-----

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