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Juby says in the description,

Kuroha. He puts a smile on your face and a gun to your head....what a guy.

Okay, I know everyone's dead or sobbing on the ground but- (that's not usually how you want to start a description) WASN'T THIS THE COOLEST PV EVER? LIKE SERIOUSLY. That black and yellow palette with hints of red for emphasis.  Stop it shidu. Stop being so good.  ....Don't stop. 

Anyway, I could talk at nauseam about all the little problems and how I've been working day after day after day after d- Well you get the point.

So I'll try to be brief! • Made a makeshift karaoke from this absolutely  fantastic guitar cover! Check it out!  [] • Thanks Sunny for lending me your ass (file)! Mmm yes. Very nice quality indeed. [] • YES. I KNOW IT'S WOMB. I AM SURPRISINGLY LITERATE. • YES. SUMMERTIME RECORD. I WILL. WHO DO YOU TAKE ME FOR? AHAHAHA....okay.

PS. Referenced my other kagepro lyrics like usual. Try to find 'em! Horohoro~

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In her description, she also lists the credits.


Original Video:

Lyrics/Music: Jin | Twitter @jin_jin_suruyo

Movie: shidu

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  • Juby has covered every song from Kagerou Project

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Outer Science (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】アウターサイエンス

Outer Science (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】アウターサイエンス