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Setsuna Drive was uploaded on July 11, 2016.

The video has over 448,721 views.

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Juby says in the description,

Another song chosen by my Patreon!  I was actually a bit surprised they voted for this one over the others but I guess a PV by Shidu is irresistible (same tho). Plus, 99 Parabellum Bullet does some pretty amazing guitar riffs if you've ever heard their actual music. Just a really awesome song in my opinion! And yeah, I did key it down like -3 because after Hikari Yo I needed a break pls god 

So I actually just got back from guesting at Anime Midwest so that's why I couldn't release this Saturday. It was great meeting so many of you and even got some letters and fanart that I can't wait to go through and cry later. Shout out to the girls who called me Rachie, I'll remember your faces you salty salty ladies! 

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✦ Music:

99 Parabellum Bullet

Taki Yoshimitsu (music, guitar, arrangement)

Ogata Kaiki (lyrics)

Ijima Keisuke (bass)

✦ PV: Shidu

✦ Original:

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Setsuna Drive (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】セツナドライブ

Setsuna Drive (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】セツナドライブ