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Tokyo Teddy Bear was uploaded on Jan 30, 2016.

The video has reached over 949,841 views.

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Juby says in the description,

The results are in! Patreon voted for Tokyo Teddy Bear to be my next cover, so here it is! Such a close race too, only two votes more and I would've been presenting Burenai Ai De today haha. Sorry Mitchie fans, maybe next time! 

I'm actually really glad Neru's song was chosen because I've actually had plans to cover this song for years. I'll be honest, I didn't really love the song when I was just discovering singing robots but then I think one day I read the lyrics and kinda saw past all the angst. Like most of Neru's songs, there's always this big cry for help (Ex. Lost One's Weeping, Terror(ism), Abstract Nonsense, everything else) but maybe because some of the lyrics were already in English, this one struck especially hard. Maybe we're all just patched up teddy bears inside...

*dramatically looks off into distance*

**P.S. pay no mind to the subliminal message at the end

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In her description she also lists the credits.


✦ Music and Lyrics: Neru

✦ MMD Video: Project Diva F


✦ Vocals & Lyrics: Juby

✦ Mix: Juby

✦ Subs: Juby

✦ Translation Ref: Project Diva F

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  • Tokyo Teddy Bear is believed to be a song about a girl with suicidal thoughts.
  • Juby admited she didn't really like the song when she first heard it.

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