Hello everybody! ^-^

This was an extremely hard decision for me.. o_o

I watch WAAAYYY too many JubyPhonic covers...


That's not a bad thing >~<

I've been thinking:

Do I really have a favorite?


After HOURS (a few seconds) of thinking... 

I decided that Echo was my favorite :3

"My enemy's invisible, I don't know how to fight."

This is the first JubyPhonic cover I ever watched and I was instantly HOOKED.

I remember spending all my time trying to learn the lyrics and trying to match her singing...

I still sound like a dying cat and I still skip half the song ._.


I remember being so proud of myself (and I still am) for singing:

"I'm black then I'm white.. NO! Something isn't right!"

without stumbling :I Butt still...

I think we all know I'll forever be..

Dying cat girl :I

Well, I guess.. that was my...

first (actual) blog? o_o


Hope you enjoyed?

Don't worry >~< Things will get pretty intense and spicy later on :O

Butt until then... 

Boring blog posts until something fun or somewhat interesting happens :I 

Or when something embarassing happens :I

(I post embarassing moments on my Aphmau Wiki so.. check those out. Spreading my embarassment! o_o)

Butt (omg I've said butt like a million times in this blog... hehe... butt :P)


mkay bye.

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